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Trip report thus far

Well... shit.
It’s quarter to 7:00 and I’m sitting in the Syracuse airport. Of course, the problem is that we were supposed to be in the air 5 minutes ago. As it is, I’ve scammed myself an outlet to recharge the iPod. Nice to know one of us will have energy at the end of this trip. I mean, I went out of my way to snag a laptop from work with a dvd player so that I could actually get caught up on my anime. I had the Bebop movie in for about 15 minutes before I realized I was just too tired to pay enough attention.

What sucks even more is that this is an even more Podunk airport that Albany... they’ve already closed the bar, and the only food option after the security checkpoint is a Sbarro’s that has already deprived me of what little cash I had in my pocket. Oh yeah... no cash machine around here either.
Work will reimburse me 75% of the per diem on food today, and it ain’t going to count for dick because by the time I get to Chicago, odds are nothing will be open there, so when I make it to Austin, the same thing, only worse as there will be plenty of beer locked behind glass doors, mocking my success.
Regardless of all my misfortunes, including running on all of 2.5 hours sleep and a complete inability to so much as look at caffeine for fear that it will overload me and make me crash for the rest of the weekend… Even with all that, things feel... good.

It’s an odd feeling.

I may actually be able to sleep through the night again. That’s something I’ve had problems with for the past 6 weeks or so.
It’s been one of those days that I can look back on in a good way. Whenever I sit around and think I know nothing compared to Noni and Marilyn, I can look back to today and say "I know my shit". Meetings went well and I could rattle off details and most of my faculty don’t seem to hate me any more (I’ll reserve judgment on Tim until he manages to call me back. Bastard.)

Eyes are having trouble focusing. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth escaping security to head off to good pain for a chocolate croissant or somesuch. And some cash. For beer. Because lord knows I deserve a beer whenever I manage to stop traveling for the night.

8:40 pm
At least they let us on to the plane. So here we are, on the runway... sitting... waiting… still not getting off the ground because Chicago is too nasty to let us land. I have no idea if I’m making it to Austin tonight, no idea if I’m going to have a hotel room. If we aren’t leaving CHI tonight, I suspect I need to call them to let them know not to discard my reservation completely. I hate having to be the only responsible adult in things.
Ooh, they just bumped up our departure to 8:54. Gotta go.

10:13 pm (9:13 Central)
Yep, they’re getting me down there tonight. Things are promising.

1:54 am central
Arrived at the hotel. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m not going overboard here… I seem to remember that Marilyn got hosed on charging an internet connection to the room, and I don’t know how they’ll feel about valet parking since it seems to be the only option available. Oh yeah, and American lost my fucking suitcase. Well, they didn’t really lose it, since they seem to know where it actually is, but the point is that it *isn’t here*. Fuckers. At least I have some dinner on the way. Salad, burger, cake. No beer, because they stop serving it at 1:00. Fuckers. 't'will do since I plan on sleeping as late as possible tomorrow (or until my bag shows up). Hotel was also out of king beds by the time I got here. Beds are nice, but not as big as I’m used to. I’ll decide what I want after I see how well I sleep tonight.

2:02 pm central
5 minutes ago, called American to see where my bag was.
4 minutes ago, found out bag was in town.
3 minutes ago, found out bag was in hotel.
2 minutes ago, bag was at door.
1 minute ago, housekeeping was scheduling my room.
now: going to take a shower and get my show on the road, starting with the gym.
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