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Origins: June 24-27 (Tentative)

Otakon 2004: July 30-August 1 (less tentative)

Pennsic 2004: August 6 - August 22 (Only tentativity is how long I'll be there)

(August 19-22: GenCon Indy. Not happening.)

Labor Day weekend options: Noreascon 4 (Boston)
DragonCon (Atlanta)
Hunter's Moon (Albany)
Dragoncon is the only one of these I haven't been to yet. Hmm....
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My cousin has apparently decided that the place for her to go to get her schooling is the University of Dayton.

A very Catholic university.

Val was raised Protestant, and her dad is Jewish.

I told her mother that this can only end in tragedy.

Of course, they have an anime club. Apparently their education department is well regarded though.

She heads off to college in September. MAN do I feel old.
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I didn't believe the quote at first, until I went and saw that Dubya actually made a proclaimation against porn.

Mind you, I *was* trying to be good about my spending, but now it seems I have no choice but to... erm... blow the wad.
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*blink* ow. *blink* ow.

Okay, finally managing to close my eyes again after watching the new Matrix trailer. Schweeeeeet.

"It's just so... big."

I'll let y'all spoil yourselves.
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What goes "splat splat splat splat splat bang bang thud"?

It ain't an Amish drive-by shooting, at least not like the joke goes.
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His plane landed an hour ago. Still no phone call. I'm wondering if he just decided to take the bus.
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...And now I discover that GenCon 2004 is happening during war week of Pennsic. Pfui. So much for GenCon.
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I'll be so happy when this weekend is over.

A couple of months ago, one of my UWP friends (Cindy) asked if I would be free this weekend. Unfortunately, I was already occupied. Fortunately, it was in Toronto. (Salient points: Cindy lives in Waterloo, ON, an hour west of TO) She's getting married this weekend. Coolness. So I invited Lisa to come along and meet my friends. While we're at it, she could meet my father, since he's going to be at the convention.

Then we figured out that Lisa didn't really want to have anything to do with the con, and she didn't want to go wandering around Toronto by her lonesome, so she'll be going to Hunter's Moon this weekend.

Then I expressed my doubts about timing everything to my father, and he decided if he wasn't going to get to see me much, he wouldn't bother going to Toronto.

So now I have no hotel room and I need to get to Toronto, sell my con memberships, and go to a wedding. I can do this.

Talk with the other uppies who're converging in Toronto on Saturday. They offer me crash space Saturday night. This can work, but then I need to figure out how to sell the memberships at a decent rate. Perhaps arrange for Toronto crash space Friday night with yet another uppie...

The option is taken away from me this morning as Cindy emails in a panic. Her father just arranged fro his flight to the continent this week, and as such could only get as close as NYC. He's getting a flight to Syracuse, and maybe maybe maybe I could pick him up?

So now I need to contact the Torontonians, figure out what the hell I'm doing tomorrow to sell my con memberships and meet up with them, and then beat feet from here by noon to get home, pack, and arrange to be in Syracuse by 2:00 so that I can pick up Tjoe and get him to Kitchener by 7:00 tonight and arrange for a long night of drinking.

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Oy vey.

So my favorite guilty pleasure anime series of all time is starting on Cartoon Network on August 30: Saint Seiya. I first heard about it back in 1989, when I was jonesing for some high-powered superhero slugfests. It was schweeeet. From there, I got sent to Tokyo Video in Manhattan to buy tapes of 4 episodes, all with all of the glorious toy and Calban commercials still in place.

Now it's coming stateside, something I never expected to happen due to all of the blood that spills (though I expect they did much the same thing they did with Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets.. .apparently they're only scheduled to show 40 episodes. Season 1 alone was 65. Now there's some serious cuts.) I hope to Ghod that the music they show here is not the actual theme music. It would hurt too much. (Of course, the voices are already making me cringe. Damn. I've become an anime snob, and not even over anything worth being snobbish about)

The students are returning... AAAAAAAHHHHH

The need to go out and get food is overriding the desire to avoid the obligatory wave of parents. The smell of Italian food isn't helping either.

food achieved.

According to [ profile] pkdan, one of the virii that's been laying the smackdown all over the place is supposed to get bigger and badder in 15 minutes or so, though how, they apparently ain't quite sure. Apparently it's set to download... something from somewhere. Would that I had a mac and didn't need to worry about all of these bollocks.

I've decided on my formal weight loss goal. I'll still keep weighing myself, and yes, I know it's moronic, but my goal is this: when I hit 34, I want to be in better shape than when I was 24. This is an especially tall order when you consider that my 24th year on this planet was spent with the shiny happy people, traveling and schlepping the oft-repeated mantra of 22 tons of stage equipment. That was the last time I ever fit into a true size 40 waist, with even a little room to spare. From the point of view of physical conditioning, it was my best year ever.

Glad to know I can set realistic goals for myself.

Off to shut down the machine for 1/2 hour or so and finally unpack the new cube.
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Made it back alive, surprisingly enough. More updates... umm... likely tomorrow or Tuesday, including updates on war and other happenings, small world reports, and perhaps a dialogue between my inner Dante and Randall regarding, what else, me being a jackass.
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And he's off! (hopefully)
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Truck is now packed. Time to shower because *I* can't stand the smell of myself...
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Tunic failed.

Time to make cookies and pack.
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Quitting for the night. Tunic is French seamed, collar and hems still not done. Didn't trim threads well enough so they're everywhere along the edges. Chile PB cookies are done, at least.
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So it's 1:23. Got the first tunic mostly stitched together when I realized there's a reason to do the collar before you sew the sleeves on. Shit. At least this tunic should be nice and breezy to wear. Still haven't made any cookies. Fresh thai chile peppers were out of stock so I'll need to go with dried.
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Still not at Pennsic. I am, however, officially on vacation and refuse to read my Cornell email until the Monday after I return.

Frustration mounts. It's hot and sticky, with little relief from fans. I have one bloody Netflix movie left to see and I can't watch it and do projects at the same time because it's subtitled from Korean (Volcano High is the title, for the curious). I tried sewing a knife holder for my throwing knives, and that was a disaster. The teeth on the sewing machine won't grab the leather to advance it. I'm not even going to attempt to sew Fetch's bag with it, though I may at least cut it out to sew it at war.

Two tunics. If I can sew two tunics, I'll be content to head off to war. It can't be that fucking hard, with a machine I've never used before, can it? (My machine's been in a bin awaiting repairs for some time)

Off to find a measuring tape and my tunics that fit.


Aug. 3rd, 2003 05:12 pm
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Nope, still not there yet. Work world decided to suck, but not absolutely and completely.


Tonight: work-fu. CDs for hotelman and coworker. Dub Engineering video such that I can mail it to transcription service tomorrow. Pack all of the crap in my cube into boxen so that they can be moved to my new cube while I'm away. Bake jerky-chip cookies and thai chili PB cookies. One more batch of AB granola. Sewing project will be Fetch's bag, if anything.

Tomorrow: Work. Out of office by 11:00 am. Home to pack truck and sew. If necessary, stay home sewing like a fiend, but all of that will depend on possibility of getting to Erie in reasonable time to have dinner with [ profile] aryel_moffet, though I may need to figure out a better time to have dinner with her (perhaps on my way home? I'll call you tonight)

Regardless, by Tuesday morning I want to be on-site. I need to get the hell out of here.
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Up two pounds.


Well, while I know it's not *good* news, I'm not sure that it's really *bad* news. My workouts have been sparse this week... lots of time in the car with not nearly enough time walking on Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday was just fight practice... lots of sweating and getting winded, but I'm not so confident in the calorie burn.

On the other hand, I've started doing more of the weight stuff. Couldn't do it today because I got invited out to dinner and I didn't leave myself enough time to do it and still be close to prompt (not to mention I hosed my forearms on Monday. Dumb Steeeeen). Did it Monday, last Friday, and last Wednesday though. My diet itself has been pretty good (two Max & Erma's cookies on Sunday. Sue me.), and I had to bust my ass to ever get my heart rate where the fitness folks say it should be for best cardio exercise (I know this not just because it was harder to hit the target rate, but because I also burned more calories than usual).

No weigh ins again until August 20th due to Pennsic. This will be interesting, mostly because I'll need to be conscious of my habit of available snacking, which is to say eating just because somethign happens to be there. Pop Tarts and Oreos are way too available in our camp, and I'll need to resist the temptation. On the other hand, two weeks of fighting in the sun may do me wonders. I'm going to hope so.
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Halle-friggin'-lujah. Amazing the change a new keyboard can make, and of all things, I'm praising a Microsoft product.

I got sick of my provided Dell keyboard's dodgy spacebar. I peeled the thing off to see if cleaning it would help. Despite using an improvised method of compressed air (i.e. a straw and my own lungs) to clean out a not-insignificant amount of crud, it seems that there is in fact a piece out of reach that's out of whack. Oh well. I'm suspecting that the new keyboard will make me like typing again (to the extent that index fingers and thumbs can ever be considered typing) so that I have one less excuse to actually do things on the projects I'm supposed to be working on.

Am I *that* dumb? I'd like to think not.

(no, that doesn't need to make sense to you)

Workout summary: Down 2 more pounds. W00t! Started doing weight work this week, as I decided it was about bloody time I stopped being afraid of the weight equipment and started working on my upper half so that I don't simply have thighs and calves of DOOOOOM. I suspect that my weight loss will slow over the next couple of weeks based on this, as lost weight may well be made up for in extra muscle mass, but as long as I'm actually slimming at least, I'll be happy. Current goal: 250 lbs or an honest-to Ghod 40 inch waistline, whichever comes first. That puts me at 28 lbs or... well, a whole bunch of inches. My extra weight is, sadly, focused in my gut.

Time to go home for a bit. Steeeeen needs food, badly.
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