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mrbigsteve ([personal profile] mrbigsteve) wrote2004-03-15 01:54 am

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Hellboy goodness...

Is happening right now.

Without me.

Because they shut the doors when I was the SIXTH PERSON AWAY.


I shoulda listened to Nadine. Shoulda stayed in the theater after Jersey Girl, shoulda gotten on line immediately after getting out and let her get me my bag tomorrow.

Five people in front of me.


I swear, someone is having a *whole* lot of fun at my expense.

I couldn't get a pass for it because I had no clothes to go out and get a paper to find out about it in the first place.

I couldn't even go meet Harry today because I decided to be responsible and go to a panel that might be work-related. (to be fair, it was, and very much so, and I suspect that the fact I'm going to bed this early will let me be up early enough tomorrow to hit a few other panels tomorrow that are sufficiently relevant to let me develop my case for a return visit. But still.)

I am *so* hoping that this works out for a return. I feel a deep need to break something and it would be nice to know that karma will, in fact, eventually do something nice for me for my patience.

Okay, so I shouldn't whine too much, because I did get to see Kevin Smith. And I did have a hell of a day otherwise, as far as getting trip report material.

But dammit, I'm still a fanboy, and it still sucks to miss out on these things.

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